Waterford Marine Search Rescue Statistics 2015

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In 2015 Waterford Marine Search and Rescue attended 21 incidents in Waterford City and County. This brings the total to 166 incidents in our 6 year existence.
16 of the 21 incidents occurred during our weekly Suicide Prevention Patrols where our volunteers directly intervened with 16 individuals intent on taking their own lives through suicide, bringing the total over 6 years to 95 individuals. That is 95 lives saved over 6 years.
Our Suicide Prevention Patrols have amassed over 2500 volunteer hours.
This is in addition to the near 1850 hours clocked up by WMSAR volunteers while searching for missing persons along the River Suir in 2015.
In 2015 Waterford Marine Search and Rescue also maintained all the Ring buoys which are strategically placed along the banks of the River Suir and Johns River. Over the course of the year WMSAR recoiled 288 Ring buoys , retrieved 189 from the water and replaced 215 Ring buoys which would have been tampered with or misused throughout the course of the year..
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, the public, for supporting us throughout the course of the year. Without your ongoing generosity we would not be able to maintain and provide this vital service in the community.
Thank You!

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