***Intervention during last nights Patrol***

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During the course of our Suicide Prevention Patrol last night, at approximately 2:20am our boat crew noticed a female alone at the railings along the quayside. Our foot team approached the female and tried to engage with her, she was a little distressed, however after a few minutes she began to speak to our volunteers. She indicated to them that she was contemplating taking her own life by entering the water. Our volunteers contacted Waterford Gardai and when they arrived they joined our volunteers and engaged with the female. After speaking with the girl for about 15 minutes, the Gardai then decided to contact Ambulance control and requested an Ambulance to attend. While waiting on the ambulance to arrive our volunteers and Gardai continued to support the person. Gardai on scene ultimately made the decision to transfer the person to hospital themselves, and the lady agreed to accept help. Incident completed and crews stood down at 3:10am.

We hope the lady gets the help and support she needs going forward.

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