Pieta House South East opens in Waterford City

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We were delighted to attend the official opening of Pieta House South East tonight in Waterford City – VERY proud on behalf of the DIL committee to have been involved in the very start of this process.
There have already been a number of clients seen since Monday – our people given hope, their families given support & relief – so thank you Pieta for becoming part of our community to help us in our darkest times.
And thank you to EVERY one who’s ever walked, ran, sold plants, made CDs, rattled buckets in pubs, clubs, shopping centres, did fashion shows, coffee mornings, bag packs, hikes, cycles, or ANY thing to raise money for Pieta SouthEast – this is where your money has gone, and is already saving lives.
So, now, more than ever, we need to continue these great events to ensure this service continues until the day it’s no longer needed.

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