New Search and Rescue Base for Waterford City “Buy a Brick” campaign

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Waterford Marine Search and Rescue have started a fundraising campaign “Buy a Brick” to purchase a new search and rescue base in Waterford City. The base will be fitted out with a search and rescue operations room, conference room, training room, equipment storage area, canteen, showers and toilets. If someone goes missing there is nowhere safe for the family to go while the search continues.

The new base will give people somewhere to rest, so they can be updated with events as they unfold, be it 2 O Clock in the day or 2 O Clock in the morning. Please show your support and donate what you can to this campaign. Thank you so much for your support from all the crews.

You can donate €4.00 from your mobile phone by texting WMSAR to 50300.100% of your donation goes to WMSAR across most network operators. Some operators apply VAT which means a minimum of 3.25 will go to WMSAR. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline:0766805278.Please note that you can only text the keyword to 50300 once every 24 hours. Any other attempts to donate within a 24 hour time period will not be recognised by our system.

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